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Happy new year!

Happy new year! And let’s hope 2013 will be the year of home automation.

During the holidays I haven’t had the time to focus on Remotestick that much. Nevertheless, there have been a couple of minor updates since last post, mostly bugfixes. Without further ado, here’s the complete list since last time.


  • Possibility to edit scenarios
  • Bugfix: Wrong date order in 10 days min/max graph
  • Bugfix: Sometimes crashed diming from app widget


  • Bugfix: Fix crash when accessing menu to early.
  • Bugfix: Solves issue on Android 2.2. Note that support for Android 2.2 might be deprecated in future releases.


  • Bugfix: Unable to authorize


  • Bugfix: Sometimes crashed when reading sensors in background


  • New permission: Read external storage. To be able to fetch floorplan images from external storage.
  • Bugfix: Sometimes crashed when exporting tasker variables


  • Bugfix: Crash when sesnsor has long raw id
  • Bugfix: Wrong month label in 10 days min/max
  • Better error message when timestamp issue occurs


  • Bugfix: NPE introduced in 2.5.4


  • Delayed execution of devices (long press to access)
  • Export device state as Tasker variables
  • Bugfix: Sort alphabetically in sensors table

Happy remoting!

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