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Sensor graphs and more

The next big release, 2.5.0 is now available in Google Play. This includes a number of different features and bugfixes including the, by far, most requested one. Namely, logging of sensors and graph presentation. But what will probably be noticed first is the new look. I’ve changed font of almost all text and some colors have been changed as well. It is now harmonizing with the web site a lot more. Currently only a 24h graph for temperature is availalbe but more graph alternatives will come. This release also includes Tasker variables. To export a sensor value to Tasker, go into Settings and choose Sensors. This enables for even more complex scenarios in Tasker for those who are interested. Andreas Ødegård wrote an excellent Beginner’s Guide to Tasker for those of you who want to learn more about Tasker. There’s even more advanced articles in the same topic if you want to dig deeper.

Changes 2.5.0

  • New slide in menu
  • New Sensors view with graphs
  • Support for pause/delete schedules
  • Export sensor values as variables to Tasker
  • New font and colors introduced
  • Warning symbols on stale sensors
  • Bugfix: Activating scenario does not update state of devices
  • Bugfix: Sunrise/sunset in schedules
  • Bugfix: Crashed when reading empty NFC tag
  • Bugfix: Missing page titles in tutorial
  • Bugfix: Crashed when accessing deleted group

Happy remoting!

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