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Telldus Live! support in v1.4.2

We are happy to announce that RemoteStick version 1.4.2 for Android is out and it features support for Telldus Live!. Let us take a minute to explain what Telldus Live! is about and how it relates to RemoteStick Server.

Telldus Live! is a service brought to you by Telldus themselves to enable trouble-free access to the Tellstick over internet. As you might have guessed already, this means that Telldus Live! replaces RemoteStick Server. Well, that’s just partly true. RemoteStick Server will continue to live for as long as there is a need for it. RemoteStick Server and Telldus Live! differs from each other.

While the RemoteStick Server solution is a peer-to-peer communication, Telldus Live! operates through Telldus servers. This comes with both pros and cons. On the positive side, it drastically eases the server setup. On the negative side, this means that if, for any reason, Telldus have problems with their service operation, you might be unable to control your electronics.

Setting up Telldus Live! is fairly easy. You will need Telldus Center but note that there currently is no support for Linux. Read more about how to activate Telldus Live!

Note also that we do not give any support for Telldus Live! related issues. You should contact Telldus if any such occurrs. Telldus Forum is a place to start.

Starting from v1.4.2, you should now have the option to choose service on the Preference page. You can only communicate using one service at the time. Obviously, Groups created will only be associated with the service where it was created.

Happy remoting!

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