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  • Have you ever wanted fresh coffe when you arrive home after work?
  • Have you ever been unsure whether or not you turned off the lights before leaving for vacation?
  • Would you like the possibility to turn on the engine pre-heater without having to head to the garage?
  • Would you like to monitor the temperature of certain rooms, remotely?
  • Do you simple love the possibility to control and monitor your home from wherever you are?
Remotestick is all about this. Remotely controlling your home.


Remotestick revolves around Tellstick. Tellstick comes in a few different flavors, manufactured by the Swedish company Telldus, "turns any computer into a wireless home automation center by being the link between your computer and electronics & lights" (quoted from Telldus web site). Telldus has a list of retailers if you are interested in buying one. At the time of this writing, Tellstick comes in three different kinds; Tellstick, Tellstick Duo and Tellstick Net. Only the two latter ones is capable of receiving signals which is essential if you plan on monitoring sensors. Also, only the Tellstick Net has built-in schedule support. If you don't have the Tellstick Net you can still schedule events if you combine Remotestick with Tasker or Locale. All three are capable of transmitting signals in order to control different kind of devices, like power sockets, light bulbs, switch converters and many more.

Telldus Live!

Since Remotestick 2.0, only the Telldus Live! service is supported. Which means that you need to sign up for a free Telldus Live! account at Telldus describes the steps necessary to setup Telldus Live!. With that account setup you start the Remotestick app on your Android phone and choose to Authorize with Telldus Live!.

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